Gotta Go! Cycling Vacations in Fantastic Locations

Expand Your Cycling World with Master of Cyclology, Author Jerry Dusterhoff

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Gotta Go! Cycling Vacations in Fantastic Locations

The title could have been Best Cycling Rides You Will Ever Take! because I’ve described some fabulous places to enjoy.  But once you have been bitten by the “cycle-vacation” bug, there is a sense of urgency in you.  You have just Gotta Go! year after year after year.

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Bicycle Journeys with Jerry

Life is a journey. Much of that journey I have taken on a bicycle. This book was written to induce as many as possible to see and wander the wonders of these United States. It need not be by bicycle, but folks should get away from their immediate environs — even if they live in paradise — and experience someone else’s paradise.

Jerry Dusterhoff has ridden coast to coast, completed numerous centuries (100 miles in one day), and especially enjoys one week vacations in some of the most spectacular scenic wonderlands in the USA. He continues to plan great cycling vacations. More about Jerry »

Jerry in Carlin Canyon